Electromobility services 

Electrification of commercial vehicles will play an important role on our journey to sell 100% fossil free vehicles from 2040, and to be CO2 neutral by 2050. At Volvo Financial Services, we are developing electromobility solutions that support Volvo Group customers as they transition to electric trucks, buses, and construction equipment.

Electric Vehicle Financial Services 

Volvo electric trucks can be offered both as a traditional sale, as well as a full-service lease, which packages the vehicle with a comprehensive finance and service contract. This contract is designed to maximize uptime and provide more predictable costs. 

Charging needs, all in one invoice

Want an end-to-end electric charging solution? We are working with partners to develop the delivery of an on-site charging infrastructure with charging optimization software, maintenance services, and financing, all included in a single invoice from Volvo Financial Services.

Find local financing & solutions

For more detailed information, or to find out what solutions VFS offers in your market - go to your local market site. 

Collaboration is key 

We believe in building an ecosystem of collaborative partners to manage the pace and complexity of change. 

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