Payment Solutions

Our global payments platform is built for a seamless, flexible payment experience. It is designed to support a variety of global payment infrastructures and  methods. It also gives us the ability to work with different partners in multiple markets so our solutions can be tailored to fit your specific local needs. 

Volvo Pay: Seamless digital payments

Wondering how you are going to pay for your vehicle?  Financing is a major part of the purchase process. We understand that. 

The goal of Volvo Pay is simple: to allow customers to pay for Volvo Group services in a seamless experience with whatever preferred digital payment option they choose. 

The platform brings the best current payment technologies to you and allows for an experience that truly fits your needs like no other provider. Currently available in selected markets with global expansion planned. 

Find local financing & solutions

For more detailed information, or to find out what solutions VFS offers in your market - go to your local market site. 

Collaboration is key 

We believe in building an ecosystem of collaborative partners to manage the pace and complexity of change. 

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