How Beekeeping Can Make Work-life Balance Sweeter

Maintaining a harmonious work-life balance is a crucial aspect of overall well-being and sustained success. When individuals are passionate about their work and engage in fulfilling activities outside of work, it fosters a more innovative and creative work environment. One colleague demonstrating both is Kevin Zeigler, director of capital strategies syndication at VFS, who also happens to be a beekeeper. With World Bee Day coming up on May 20, we sat down with Kevin to hear how he appreciates the company's culture of valuing personal time and encouraging employees to pursue hobbies that help them relax and detach from work-related pressures.
How Beekeeping Can Make Work-life Balance Sweeter
Kevin Zeigler, beekeeping in Greensboro, NC

Kevin has been an integral part of VFS for the past 13 years, fulfilling responsibilities that encompass capital market strategy and structuring international asset-backed leases and loans. However, six years ago, Kevin decided to enrich his life by embracing beekeeping. When he's not developing strategies at VFS Headquarters in Greensboro, he devotes his free time to tending to 20 hives located in Greensboro, North Carolina, and Griffith Valley, Virginia. With each season, Kevin produces between 450 – 600 pounds of honey, which he generously shares with his family, friends and neighbors. In addition, he sells his "Zeigler" honey at the local farmer's market to support his beloved hobby.

"Some people in the beekeeping community believe beekeepers tend to live longer because bees release a pheromone that lowers blood pressure when you work with them in the yard,” said Kevin Zeigler. “When you're surrounded by tens of thousands of bees, you realize the importance of slowing down to effectively handle them."

As a hobby, beekeeping offers a multitude of rewards and aligns with the principles of sustainability. Bees play a vital role in pollination, a process crucial for the growth and reproduction of various plant species. By engaging in beekeeping, enthusiasts actively participate in the preservation and maintenance of the ecosystem. Beekeeping also can become a family affair, providing opportunities to teach children valuable lessons in financial literacy, entrepreneurship, responsibility and the value of hard work.

"I have involved both of my children in the honey-making process. We construct bee boxes and frames together, and our hard work results in honey, which we can then sell at the local farmer's market," Kevin shares. "My children have developed an understanding of the declining bee population and fully embrace the sustainability aspect of their role as beekeepers. They genuinely feel that they are contributing value to our ecosystem."

By engaging in beekeeping, individuals like Kevin can find a fulfilling balance between their professional and personal lives. This hobby not only allows them to unwind and disconnect from work-related pressures but also promotes a sense of purpose, sustainability and family bonding. As more people explore the joys of hobbies such as beekeeping, they can experience the sweetness it brings to their lives, both literally and figuratively.

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