Vivargo – a growing transport dynasty

From humble beginnings in southern Peru more than 75 years ago, hauler Vivargo has grown into an international market leader with ambitions for an even bigger prize. Now under the management of the third generation of the family, it has been a loyal Volvo Trucks customer for over 13 years, with the prospect of many more to come.
Vivargo – a growing transport dynasty

Passion, vision, perseverance. Three vital ingredients if you plan to start and run a successful haulage business. Fortunately, Cristopher Varas’ grandmother, Rosa Gómez Oviedo, had all these qualities and more when she founded Vivargo in Arequipa, Peru, back in 1948.

Rosa started out with just a few small, three-ton trucks concentrating on the local areas in the south of the country. It was no mean feat at the time either. In Peru, the roads were extremely difficult, and moving between one point and another was much more complicated than today.

She didn’t just have the necessary personal attributes to make the business a success, she instilled them in her offspring, too. Her son, Víctor Varas Gómez, succeeded her and under his guidance the company has grown and diversified.

“He grew the business and invested a lot more in trucks and expanding the fleet. And the company has continued to grow from there,” says Corporate General Manager Cristopher Varas, who represents the family’s third generation at Vivargo.

Vivargo has become a market leader in the transportation of products for the mining industry but following sustained growth in land transportation, they have expanded into the crane rental service, assembly equipment and warehouse management too. Today, with a vision to become the leading supplier of heavy equipment for construction, mining and energy projects, it is split into three service divisions: rental, distribution and logistics.

Geographically too, Vivargo is on the move. “We’ve been in Chile for 10 years and have a fleet of equipment there. We also provide services to the mining sector and the energy sector in Chile,” says Cristopher. “In addition, we have projects in Ecuador and just over a year ago, we opened up in the US.”


Volvo Trucks has played a significant part of the story throughout. “We work with Volvo because we know it is a serious, responsible, world-leading brand. They guarantee cutting edge technology and invest a lot in innovation, which is really important to us,” says Cristopher.

And off the road too, as the business grows, so does the need for financing. And for some 13 years, Volvo Financial Services have been on board for Vivargo’s journey.

“Working with Volvo Financial Services is very important to us,” says Cristopher. “It has helped us to develop and grow our fleet, because they know the product, they know the company and they understand our business. And actually, the most important thing is that they are a financial partner. They are also aiming to grow our brand.”

We work with Volvo because we know it is a serious, responsible, world-leading brand. They guarantee cutting edge technology and invest a lot in innovation, which is really important to us.

Knowing a lot about their clients’ business is absolutely key, according to Volvo Financial Services’ Renato Perriggo. “The benefits Vivargo gets from working with Volvo Financial Services is full support from the Volvo Group. We understand the transport industry and sector well, just like a client. And that makes us different from traditional banks,” he says.

As Vivargo looks to the future and Cristopher Varas plots the company’s next moves, the qualities that have seen them rise from a small operation in southern Peru to one with ambitions of being a major player in the global market, will be needed more than ever. He is confident they have the competence, experience and people in place to make it happen.

“A company that has history is a great company,” says Cristopher. “We have developed skills and been through some difficult moments over these 75 years. Obviously, you have to have perseverance. I think one of the most difficult things is to form a team aligned with your ideals. This is something we truly value and has helped us develop in the right way.”

To reach their goals, there are likely to be bumps in the road, both literally and metaphorically, so having the right financial partner in place will be key. They are confident that they have found that partner in Volvo.

“Volvo Financial Services analyze your business, and then adapt things to your needs. They know the business and the products, so they know the value of the equipment at risk,” says Cristopher. “They trust us and allow us to grow, with great support and after-sales service. We have a really good relationship.” 

Renato Perrigo agrees and is confident that the long relationship Volvo Financial Services has built with Vivargo stand both in good stead. “Volvo continues to evolve, and we want our customers to evolve too. Our main objective is to support the client and their growth,” he says.

Cristopher recalls one particular occasion when the value of having a partner that understands the needs of his business was vital. Vivargo were invited to put in a tender for a job that immediately required a fleet of some 50 trucks. “If we approached a regular bank, it would have taken much longer and been more complicated than it was with Volvo Financial Services,” says Cristopher. “They understand your product and your business, so things will always work out better. That what makes them so competitive.”

With innovation and ambition, the future looks promising for Cristopher Varas and Vivargo in South America, and beyond.

“I think that the secret to life is to follow your dreams,” he smiles. It’s a sentiment his grandmother would certainly have approved of.


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