Mobility solutions

Are you looking into equipment ownership alternatives for your business? Mobility requirements are changing rapidly. We collaborate closely with startup entities worldwide to create the best new mobility solutions for our customers.

Rental Needs

Do you have a busy season expansion? Short-term contract needs? Test markets? Replacement equipment needs while refurbishing your fleet? We’re working in several markets now to facilitate rental services that make short-term expansion easy and accessible, like our pilot with our North American bus brand – Prevost, in cooperation with Launch Mobility, a startup based in Los Angeles. 

Subscription Opportunities

Recently our Renault Trucks brands collaborated with Wagonex, an iLabX alumni based in London, for a pilot subscription, in selected markets. The subscription offers everything but the fuel: vehicle maintenance, roadside assistance and insurance. No hassle or worry. 


Pay As You Use (PAYU), a usage-based model developed by Volvo Financial Services means you pay month-to-month for usage of your Volvo Group product. We offer this service, in selected markets, to optimize cash flow and allow for a more flexible repayment structure when dealing with seasonal business challenges. 


Find local financing & solutions

For more detailed information, or to find out what solutions VFS offers in your market - go to your local market site. 

Collaboration is key 

We believe in building an ecosystem of collaborative partners to manage the pace and complexity of change. 

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